Cardboard Waste Management

Struggling to maximise the value of your cardboard waste?

Mobius provides cardboard waste management services that prioritise efficiency, sustainability, and environmental responsibility. But always keeps focus on maximising revenue potential.

Our commitment lies in helping our customers to fulfil their true potential for recycling cardboard and paper in terms of both quantity and quality as this translates to the best financial and environmental benefit.

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The Benefits of Working with Mobius

Increased Recycling Rate

Through expert auditing and efficient source segregation, we enable our partners to increase the recycling rate for their cardboard and paper materials.

Maximise Cardboard and Paper Value

Using innovative methods, we look to maximise the value of cardboard and paper materials through reuse and get competitive recycling rebates for our partners.

Reduce Emissions

By utilising data, we optimise cardboard and paper collections, efficiently reducing the number of journeys needed to transport waste away from site and resulting in increased carbon savings.

Bespoke Cardboard Waste Solutions

Optimised Collections for Fewer Journeys

Efficiency is at the heart of what we do. We strategically optimise collections to minimise transportation, reducing overall fuel consumption and milage costs.

Through expert management and utilisation of technology, we ensure that collections are conducted in the most sustainable, efficient way possible to help reduce carbon emissions.

Recycled Cardboard and Paper Segregation

Mobius emphasises the importance of segregating cardboard and paper waste for efficient recycling.

Our expert account managers routinely audit sites and develop solutions to maximise recycling, ensuring that they are recycled effectively and responsibly.

To ensure that cardboard is of the highest quality possible, it’s important that it remains segregated from other materials like plastic wrap and other contaminants. This not only helps to maximise its value, but also increases the quality of material being recycled.

Maximising the Value of your Cardboard and Paper Waste

Whilst partnered with Mobius, we work to maximise the value of cardboard and paper waste through a variety of means.

Our expertise allows us to recommend and implement efficient waste management practices that not only benefit the environment but also contribute to cost savings and revenue generation through recycling initiatives.

Expert Auditing

Our team of experts conducts comprehensive waste audits to evaluate your waste generation patterns and develop bespoke solutions.

Through these audits, we identify opportunities for waste reduction, recycling improvements, and cost-efficiency, ensuring that your business’s waste management aligns with sustainable practices.

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Equipment and Optimisation

One of the ways we help maximise the efficiency of your paper and cardboard waste management is through the provision of bespoke equipment such as Compactors or Balers for our customers.

When you partner with Mobius, our equipment will greatly optimise collections by compacting waste and making transportation off-site more efficient and require fewer journeys.

Not only saving on time and milage costs from additional journeys, but significantly reducing carbon footprint, aligning with our dedication to environmental sustainability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we make money on our Cardboard and Paper Waste?

Yes! Recycled cardboard and paper is a valuable and sustainable commodity and in high-demand.

How does Mobius optimise waste collections for fewer journeys?

Mobius optimises waste collections by strategically planning routes and advise on the maximum volume of cardboard and paper that can be collected per collection to minimise travel distance and time. In doing this, we can optimise the value to be obtained managing waste cardboard and paper.

How can businesses benefit from partnering with Mobius' Cardboard Waste Management Services?

Businesses can benefit by reducing their environmental impact, minimising waste disposal costs, maximising the value of their cardboard and paper waste, and demonstrating a commitment to sustainability. Our services offer tailored solutions that align with eco-friendly practices, allowing businesses to contribute to a greener future while optimising operational efficiency.

How does cardboard recycling save energy?

Cardboard recycling saves energy by reducing the need to produce new cardboard from virgin materials. The production of cardboard from raw materials requires a significant amount of energy. By recycling cardboard, we save energy by reusing and repurposing existing materials, contributing to a more sustainable and energy-efficient waste management approach.

How does proper cardboard waste management help in reducing greenhouse gases?

Proper cardboard waste management reduces greenhouse gases by preventing the release of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, from decomposing cardboard in landfills. When cardboard is recycled and repurposed instead of being sent to landfills, the release of methane is significantly minimised, contributing to a reduction in overall greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change.

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